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Tax Enquiry Service

In the complex realm of financial adherence, tax inquiries pose a significant challenge that businesses and individuals must not ignore. Each year, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) conducts these inquiries in the UK, creating a potentially overwhelming situation. These inquiries may arise from specific triggers or occur at random, making them a recurring reality for a multitude of individuals and businesses.

Every year, HMRC's Connect System, the cornerstone of digital tax investigations, casts a vast net, targeting an astounding 90% of individuals and businesses with inquiry notices. These inquiries cover a broad spectrum, from straightforward account queries and VAT or PAYE assessments to extensive examinations of directors' personal tax records and all-encompassing investigations spanning multiple tax years. The breadth and depth of these inquiries can pose a formidable challenge for both businesses and individuals.

  • The Unpredictable Nature of Tax Enquiries

One striking fact about tax enquiries is that they can strike anyone, anytime. There is no surefire way to prevent the possibility of an enquiry. However, what proactive individuals and businesses can do is take measures to minimize the financial and emotional impact of an HMRC enquiry.

PKPI’s Tax Enquiry Service: Your Trusted Shield

With our annual Tax Enquiry Service, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are shielded from the potentially substantial professional fees associated with HMRC enquiries. The Johnston Carmichael Tax Enquiry Service is not just a promise but a practical solution

How It Works

Here's how Tax Enquiry Service operates:

  • Initial Control: If you are selected for an enquiry, our team of experts will take immediate control of the situation. We'll liaise directly with HMRC on your behalf, working swiftly to bring the enquiry to a satisfactory conclusion.

  • Timely Resolution: Our priority is to ensure that HMRC's concerns are identified and addressed quickly, with minimal fuss and disruption to you and your business. We understand the importance of resolving the enquiry efficiently.

  • Fair Payments: Through our service, you only pay what is genuinely due. The defence fees incurred during the enquiry process will be covered by our Tax Enquiry Service.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Full and aspect enquiries into:

    • Corporation tax returns

    • Partnership tax returns

    • Sole trader tax returns

    • Personal tax returns

    • Trust returns

  • Disputes into:

    • VAT

    • Employer compliance

    • IR35

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