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Self Assessment

Navigating tax season can be a daunting challenge for countless individuals. The continuously evolving tax system, impending deadlines, and the anxiety of potential errors and penalties can create a sense of overwhelm. Thankfully, there exists a more efficient path to navigate this complex terrain.


Self Assessment can be a time-consuming and confusing task, especially for individuals with busy lives. This is where our team of experts steps in to simplify the process. When you entrust us with your tax return, you not only save valuable time but also potentially save yourself from overpaying tax. We ensure that your tax return is not just a mere formality but a comprehensive, accurate reflection of your financial situation.

Common Pitfalls and How We Can Help

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers face penalties imposed by HMRC each year due to simple mistakes such as missed deadlines, incorrect tax returns, and missing records. At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we've made it our mission to spare you from these headaches. Our Individual Self Assessment Tax Return service includes:

Data Coordination

Collaborating with financial institutions, we gather the necessary data for your annual returns.

Effortless Paperwork

We take care of the paperwork, completing and filing your tax return on your behalf.

Record Management

We advise on proper record-keeping, simplifying future tax returns.

Precise Tax Calculations

Our experts meticulously calculate your tax liability, ensuring you pay what's due, not a penny more.

Financial Clarity

Clear guidance on payment schedules guarantees you're in control of your financial commitments.

Tax Efficiency

Our tax-saving strategies help you keep more money in your pocket.

Investigation Support

In the rare event of an HMRC investigation, we represent you, protecting your rights and interests.

Self Assessment Tax Return Service
Prepare Your Information

Gather together records of your current tax situation, such as your previous years tax returns, details of your income and relevant bank records and receipts

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