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Self Assessment

Tax doesn't have to be taxing

The UK has the longest tax code in the world and it doesn't look like its going to get shorter any time soon. Self assessment can therefore be a time-consuming and confusing affair for busy individuals, so why not let experts handle your tax return this year.  An accredited accountant can help save valuable time and avoid any costly mistakes.


Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are penalised by HMRC each year for simple mistakes such as missed deadlines, incorrect tax returns and missing records. We work to spare you these headaches and free up your valuable time 

Self Assessment Advice

Self Assessment isn't always straightforward and chances are, you have better thing to be doing with your time. This is why  the Individual Self Assessment Tax Return service we offer is our most popular. If you're looking for Self Assessment help for January returns, we recommend you contact us no later than November.

Here are a few useful dates and tips to keep in mind for anyone trying to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return.

Do I need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return? If you have any income that is not paid via employment, you will need to complete a self assessment tax return. PAYE pay has tax deducted from it before your salary is paid into your account. If you have any other taxable sources of income, then you will need to register for Self Assessment and complete your annual return to pay the tax you owe.

  • 5th October - Registering for Self Assessment

  • 31st October - Paper Tax Returns

  • 31st January - Online Tax Returns

  • 31st January - Pay all tax owed

  • 31st July - Optional mid-year Payment on Account

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