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Starting a Practice

A squat dental practice is essentially a practice started from scratch, usually with a single surgery to begin with and aspirations to be a highly profitable business.

There are many aspects to building a successful squat practice and the most important from the start is to focus on a clear plan and prepare for a lot of hard work.

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Systems and Processes

Documenting the systems and processes needed to rutn he business is crucial for the smooth and efficient function of the business. This includes both daily and annual admin tasks such as managing policies, registering with the CQC and maintaining clear communication between staff and patients

Systems and Processes

Our HR support team understands the unique challenges of the dental industry and will provide you with comprehensive HR solutions tailored to your practice's needs. We'll ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, CQC compliance, create efficient systems and processes, and provide guidance on employee relations and conflict resolution.


With our support, you can streamline your operations, build a motivated team, and foster a positive work culture. Let us be your trusted HR partner, so you can dedicate your time and energy to growing your dental practice.


Recruitment and training are investments, and turnover can be  challenging for a small practice. By training existing staff up, you can ensure staff grow alongside your practice


Investing in staff training demonstrates a commitment to employee development and growth. Training staff members in additional skills and specialties can enable a squat dental practice to expand its service offerings. By cross-training team members, the practice can provide a broader range of dental treatments, attracting a wider patient base and increasing revenue streams. Offering comprehensive services within the practice reduces the need for patients to seek specialized care elsewhere, resulting in increased patient retention and practice growth.


Regular training sessions or workshops allow staff members to enhance their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and adapt to changing patient needs. This flexibility and willingness to evolve are crucial for staying competitive, meeting patient demands, and driving business growth in a dynamic healthcare environment.


A principal dentist cant do everything, so you'll need to recruit the right team members to provide excellent client care and provide scalability and growth to your dental practice.


A small dental practice heavily relies on its team members to deliver quality patient care and support the day-to-day operations. Recruiting skilled and competent individuals ensures that the practice has a team that can perform their roles effectively, maintain high standards of service, and contribute to the overall success of the practice. Furthermore, hiring the right staff from the start can save you from the costs associated with frequent turnover and rehiring.


With a competent team in place, the practice can operate efficiently and deliver services in a timely manner. In addition, as the practice expands and patient demand increases, having a team that can handle the additional workload is crucial. Recruiting individuals who are adaptable, eager to learn, and open to taking on new responsibilities helps the practice grow without compromising on the quality of care provided.


A considerable investment in marketing is essential for a new dental practice, especially a quality website and regular social media engagement and activity.


With 60% of the world regularly using social media, it is more important than ever to get your brand out there. Everyone uses Google nowadays, but being on the first page requires more than just luck.

Sharing valuable insights, tips, and updates regularly showcases the practice's knowledge and expertise and improves online visibility. This drives organic traffic to the website and increasing the chances of attracting new patients.

Consistently engaging with your clients can be a time consuming effort and requires a strong understanding of digital marketing from the get-go. Outsourcing this function lets you direct your attention to other matters whilst a professional team works in the background to build your brand and optimises your SEO

Design and Fit-out

Once you've secured funding, you'll need to sign the lease/buy freehold and start designing and fitting out your practice. 

Design and Fit-out

The design of the practice not only includes the layout of the rooms, but also the aesthetics, colour scheme and lighting. There should be a functional balance between efficient traffic flow and comfortable movement for both staff and patients, whilst staying within the scope of your budget.

The customer experience is vital to keep customers returning and each room within your squat practice will need to be addressed in detail.

Often the owner of the squat practice will have design ideas in mind, but to really get down to detail they would be advised to acquire the assistance of an experienced project manager to identify any potential issues or road blocks before the design is finalised. In most cases, it is more important to know what not to do, to ensure there are no future issues or snagging problems.


Setting up a squat practice requires careful planning and understanding. Make sure you can afford the essentials by speaking to a finance broker


Commercial finance support plays a vital role in easing the financial burden of starting a dental practice.


Whether it's financing equipment purchases, acquiring an existing practice, securing working capital, financing property, or funding expansions and renovations, commercial finance offers flexible solutions to meet your financial needs.


By partnering with experienced professionals in dental practice financing, you can access the necessary capital and expertise to launch a successful dental practice with reduced financial stress.

Market Research

To help select the best location analyse the local market dynamics, population demographics, competition, and patient demand

Market Research
Market research helps determine the viability of establishing a dental practice in a specific location. It involves analysing the local market dynamics, population demographics, competition, and patient demand in order to position your new practice to make the best use out of any market gaps you identify.

Developing extensive marketing strategies and carrying out the research can be a daunting task for any new practice, which is why our team is on hand to help you. Solicit the help of professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the table.


Find the place you want to set up. Some things to consider include planning permission, footfall, competition and parking


Selecting the right location for a start-up dental practice is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success and growth of the business.

The general area that you choose must be one that you either know well or have done extensive research into. Look at demographics, competition, footfall and even ease of parking. The look and feel of the property will also be important to the overall aesthetics and building customer confidence and you might want to consider room for expansion later down the line.

It is unlikely that a purpose-built property will be available for sale or rent, so changing from one building class to another will have to be considered.

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