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Outsourcing for Accountants

Are you struggling to find the right people for your finance function?

Looking for skilled and reliable accountants and bookkeepers?

PKPI Chartered Accountants have a team of qualified and accomplished accountants based in India. We aim to reduce your work pressures, increase productivity and enhance business earnings by taking over your non core financial activities and let you focus on business growth.

Affordable and Professional Outsourcing Services

Small or medium sized businesses might find it too costly to engage with either local accounting services or hiring an in-house team. However, compliance stills needs to be filed and HMRC notified.

Outsourcing for accountants makes use of the thriving and skilled Indian workforce, many of whom are qualified to UK standards with relevant experience. 

Our team comprises accomplished financial experts who have experience in industry-specific accounting, payroll and taxation services for UK clients. Our objective is to provide complete customer satisfaction through our accounting services and look to build long term relationships with our customers. We are available at all times to address and resolve any issues you might have and maintain high quality in our deliverables.

On-time Service, Every Time

We stand by our core commitment of fulfilling our promises. Time is invaluable in any business and even the slightest delay can cause irreversible damage to reputation and financial loss to your business.

We take the time to understand the core needs of each client and tailor a systematic approach to make sure you receive the best service possible on time, every time.

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Modern Technology Infrastructure

High standards means we need to keep investing in the latest technological upgrades in the finance world. No outsourcing company can hope to deliver satisfactory accounting services on time consistently without the requisite technology. 

PKPI.UK uses world leading accounting software systems with state of the art infrastructure and access to the best resources. PKPI.UK is dedicated to integrating the latest developments and changes into our systems to make sure we can keep on providing an excellent service.

Data Confidentiality

We are a zero data breach company with robust policies for data confidentiality. We understand our position as an accounting provider with access to sensitive data. Every employee signs a stringent non-disclosure and non-compete agreement and we make sure we are safeguarding our clients data confidentiality.

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