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Full IR35 Review for contractors

When opening an enquiry, HMRC will request a copy of the contract in question and will talk with the end client directly to ensure that the working practices being carried out mirror the written terms.


A full IR35 contract review provides an assessment of both the contract itself and will review the working practices within the business. Not only will this allow you the opportunity to ensure your are compliant, but you will have the necessary evidence to show to HMRC that you have taken reasonable steps to ascertain that your status truly lies outside of IR35 

The full IR35 contract review includes:

  • Our expert opinion on whether your contractual arrangement is inside our outside IR35

  • A review of the written agreement

  • A review of your working practices

  • A concise list of recommendations to improve compliance

  • An in-depth report o the written agreement

  • Support and advice from our experienced IR35 consultants

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