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IR35 Contract Assessment

A contract assessment is an excellent way of demonstrating to HMRC that you have operated your due diligence in determining whether you are operating inside or outside of IR35. An experienced IR35 consultant will review your contract and determine whether they think your contract will hold up to HMRC scrutiny. 

If your contract fails our test, we will highlight the points that need to be changed or what clauses should be added to the contract. We will re-asses the new contract for you as part of the service as well!

The IR35 contract assessment includes:

  • Our expert opinion on whether your contractual arrangement is inside our outside IR35

  • A concise list of required changes

  • Support and advice from our experienced IR35 consultants

HMRC wont just check your contract. They'll speak to the end client to see whether the working practices at work are the same as what's written in the contract.

We can perform a working practices review as well as the contract assessment to make sure all aspects of your IR35 status is covered. Click here to find out more. 

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