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Keeping accounts

When bookkeeping is handled properly, the information is accurate, well organised and is laid out in such a manner that you and any shareholders can use the information to make important decisions regarding the future and direction of the company. 

PKPI bookkeepers will help set you up with industry leading software that can be updated in real time thanks to cloud software. With a bookkeeper working for you, you can stay on top of your finances with greater degree of accuracy and speed.


Our expert level of care will help you save money directly and let you spend more of your precious time in growing your business.

We understand the difficult decisions that a fledgling business has to go through. The last thing you want is a situation spiralling out of control whilst you're still finding your feet.

PKPI will give you access to experienced professionals to help you manage the financial complications that creep up on the unexperienced; our years of practice forms a knowledge bank waiting to be exploited by prospective entrepreneurs

Business Meeting
Filling Out Tax Form

Filing your own taxes can be a complicated and time consuming affair. Our qualified tax professionals can take a load off your hands and let you get on with running the business. 

Experienced tax managers will analyse your situation and use their knowledge of legal reliefs and provisions available to reduce your tax liability. They will present you with a safe and secure tax plan that will save you money.

One of the most important components within any company, it is vital that payroll is carried out correctly each month. In addition to paying your workers, there are additional steps HMRC expects of you.


All employers are legally required to send HMRC PAYE information immediately- otherwise known as Real Time Information (RTI). 


Our service will make sure your company is PAYE registered and provide RTI updates to HMRC every month. In addition we ensure you are provided with accurate payslips and summaries as well as preparing and filling P45, P60 and P11D for you as you need them.

Stacks of Coins

We understand the challenges that many business owners and individuals face when it comes to being compliant with VAT rules and regulations. 

For this reason, we offer our clients professional advice in choosing the right VAT scheme for you as well as guidance in helping you claim back the right amount of VAT. 

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