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Corporate Tax Planning

At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we take pride in our extensive and innovative business tax planning services, tailored to meet your financial goals. Our tax experts are committed to ensuring that your business remains tax compliant now and in the future. We understand that managing your tax obligations efficiently is crucial for your success.

Understanding Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is a financial obligation that all UK registered limited companies must adhere to in alignment with their financial year. This also extends to unincorporated associations that generate profits. It's important to note that if you operate as a partnership or a sole trader, you are not subject to corporation tax but instead pay income tax.

At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover every aspect of corporate tax planning. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you minimize your tax obligations while ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Tax Planning Services We Offer


Tax-Efficient Business Structure

Our experts will assist you in creating a tax-efficient business structure tailored to optimize your tax obligations while ensuring compliance with regulations.


Maximizing Capital Allowances

PKPI specializes in minimizing tax on company asset acquisitions through capital allowance claims and staying current with regulations for maximum tax relief.


Corporate Tax-Saving Opportunities

Our experts help you claim relevant losses within corporation tax relief and optimize tax savings by carefully analyzing your financial situation.


R&D Tax Relief

At PKPI, we maximize R&D tax relief to financially support your innovative business activities, providing a significant boost to your research and development efforts.


Asset Management

Our asset management services ensure your business optimizes financial performance by making informed decisions and maximizing asset utilization.


Tax-Efficient Investment Advice

PKPI provides tax-efficient investment advice, particularly on EIS and SEIS, which offer tax incentives and enhance your financial strategy.


Expert Company Reorganization Advice

Navigating the dynamic business landscape, our experts facilitate smooth and tax-efficient company reorganizations, including management buy-outs, mergers, and acquisitions.


VAT Planning

Our VAT planning services aim to streamline business finances, reducing tax liability through effective management of Value Added Tax (VAT).


Submitting Company Tax Returns

PKPI ensures your tax compliance by assisting in the accurate and timely submission of your company's annual self-assessment tax return, helping you avoid penalties.


1. What is corporate tax planning?

Corporate tax planning refers to the process of arranging a company's financial affairs in a way that minimizes its tax liability while staying within the bounds of tax laws and regulations.

2. Who controls taxes in the UK?

Most taxes in the UK are controlled by the UK government, with tax rates set by Parliament, revenue collected by HMRC and the Treasury determining how this should be distributed across government.

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