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Buying a Dental Practice: Insider Tips with Dental Accountants

Updated: Apr 5


Are you currently contemplating the prospect of either buying or selling a dental practice? Given our extensive expertise in the dental industry, we, at PKPI Chartered Accountants, as seasoned dental accountants, possess a profound understanding of the intricate nuances and challenges inherent in such transactions. As seasoned dental accountants, our overarching objective is to facilitate a seamless and efficient journey for you, whether you're on the buyer or seller side of the equation. We recognize that the process of purchasing a dental practice can be fraught with complexities and potential pitfalls, which is why we're dedicated to leveraging our wealth of experience to guide you through it successfully. 

Financial Consultation for Dental Practice

With that commitment in mind, we've crafted this article to serve as a valuable resource, replete with insightful recommendations and expert advice tailored specifically to your needs. Our primary aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of buying or selling a dental practice with confidence and clarity. By heeding the guidance provided herein, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions at every juncture, ensuring that your venture into the world of dental practice transactions is not only smooth but also optimally positioned for success. 

So, whether you're embarking on the exciting journey of expanding your dental practice portfolio or contemplating a strategic exit strategy, rest assured that PKPI Chartered Accountants here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this enlightening exploration together, as we delve into the intricacies of the buying process and unlock invaluable insights that will pave the way for your continued professional growth and prosperity. 

1. The Importance of Professional Advice 

One crucial aspect that can significantly impact the success of your dental practice purchase is seeking professional advice from specialists in the industry, including dental accountants. While it may be tempting to save money by relying on family friends or high street advisors, it's important to understand that their lack of expertise in dental practice transactions could lead to costly mistakes in the long run. 


  • Engage the services of specialist professionals such as dental accountants, dental specialist lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and sales agents. 

  • Their comprehensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with their experience handling regulatory requirements, will ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process. 

2. Structuring the Purchase 

Buying a dental practice involves making numerous decisions, and one critical consideration is the proper structure for your purchase. It is essential to seek advice early on and determine whether purchasing as a sole trader, partnership, or through a limited company would be most advantageous for you. 


  • Consult with experts, including dental accountants, to determine the most suitable structure for your purchase. 

  • Early assessment of your purchase structure will help avoid delays in lending and regulatory applications down the line. 

3. Property Survey and Condition 

To safeguard your investment and minimize potential risks, it is crucial to conduct a thorough survey of the property as part of the buying process. Delays and complications can arise if conditions or lack of repairs are identified late in the transaction. 


  • Arrange for a property survey as early as possible, ideally right after the lender's valuation report. 

  • For leasehold properties, understand your lease terms and obligations to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities. 

4. Proper Documentation 

In the process of buying or selling a dental practice, proper documentation is crucial for a smooth transaction. As a seller, ensuring all key documents are readily available is essential to avoid complications and delays. Misplacing or failing to provide essential paperwork can disrupt the process significantly. 

To mitigate these risks, sellers should proactively manage their documentation. Conducting audits of existing paperwork and maintaining a centralized storage system can help ensure easy access to necessary documents. Additionally, anticipating changing documentation requirements throughout the transaction lifecycle is vital for maintaining momentum and buyer confidence. 

Collaboration with trusted advisors, such as legal professionals or dental accountants, can provide valuable support in navigating documentation complexities. By prioritizing organization and accuracy, sellers can streamline the transaction process and achieve successful outcomes. 


  • Safeguard important documents, including the original GDS or PDS Contracts and variations, as well as any contracts with key suppliers. 

  • For leasehold properties, ensure the lease agreement and property-related consents are accessible and presented in a timely manner. 

5. Compliance: Maintenance and Obligations 

As a seller, it is important to maintain the premises and practice equipment in compliance with all statutory obligations. Failure to do so can create significant hurdles during the sale process. 


  • Regularly maintain and ensure compliance with all statutory requirements, such as asbestos risk assessments, fire safety inspections, and maintenance records for equipment. 

  • Proactive attention to these matters before agreeing on terms with a buyer will prevent costly delays and enable a smoother transaction. 

6. Navigating the CQC Application Process 

Woman working

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) plays a crucial role in the purchase of a dental practice. It is important to understand the optimal timing for launching the CQC applications to avoid unnecessary delays. 


  • Seek advice from professionals knowledgeable about CQC requirements, including dental accountants, to determine the best time to submit your applications. 

  • Balancing the timing correctly will ensure a smooth progression of the transaction. 


In conclusion, whether you're poised to embark on the journey of acquiring or divesting a dental practice, the expertise and insights shared in this article are intended to serve as your trusted compass, guiding you towards a successful and rewarding outcome. At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we are committed to empowering dentists like you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate the intricate landscape of practice transactions with confidence and ease. Should you require further assistance or wish to explore how our tailored services can enhance your journey, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to our team at or visit our website Together, let's pave the way for your continued professional growth and prosperity in the dynamic realm of dental practice ownership and management. 

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