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 Maximising Tax Benefits: Buying a Car Through Your Limited Company  

In the world of business, the choices you make about finances can really affect your bottom line. Buying a vehicle through your company is one such choice that can impact your taxes. It's a chance to trim your taxable profits, but how much you can deduct depends on a few things. We're here to help you understand the ins and outs of getting a car through your limited company and making smart tax moves. 

Business Car Purchase: Company vs. Personal 

Deciding between buying a company car or getting it privately has its pros and cons. Buying through your company can mean tax deductions, but strict rules apply. Buying privately means fewer tax perks but more personal freedom with the car. The choice should match your business needs, tax goals, and how you'll use the vehicle. Talking to a financial expert can help you make the best call for your situation. 


Purchasing a Business Car Through Your Dental Practice 

When considering purchasing a business car through your dental practice, the choice between buying it through your limited company or privately holds significant tax implications. 


For instance, if you opt to buy the car personally, declaring dividends from your limited company could mean paying a higher tax rate, impacting your income tax by a considerable amount. 

On the other hand, acquiring the vehicle through your limited company could be more financially advantageous. Without declaring dividends, you bypass added income tax. Moreover, capital allowances facilitate reclaiming corporation tax, while the benefits-in-kind tax rate is currently at a minimal 1%, reducing overall tax liabilities significantly. 


The scenario differs for each individual, but the tax benefits of purchasing a business car via a limited company, with its potential to save substantial amounts on income and corporation tax, often make it a more financially favorable choice. 


Here's how PKPI can assist: 

Expert Guidance on Tax Implications

Compliance Assurance and Record-Keeping 

  • PKPI Chartered Accountants specialise in UK tax laws, offering insights on buying cars through limited companies. 

  • Detailed explanations on Corporation Tax relief and adherence to HMRC regulations for maximising benefits are provided. 

  • Our expertise ensures tax efficiency, identifying deductions for expenses like fuel, insurance, and maintenance. 

  • We ensure compliance with legal requirements, guiding meticulous record-keeping and documentation. 

  • Assistance is provided to meet HMRC regulations, reducing the risk of penalties due to non-compliance. 

  • Accurate usage records are maintained, following guidelines from regulatory authorities. 

Financial Planning and Strategic Advice 

Ongoing Support and Review 

  • Tailored financial planning aligned with company objectives is offered. 

  • Assessment of financial implications and strategies for integrating the car into operations is provided. 

  • Strategic advice aids in optimising resources and leveraging the purchase for financial security. 

  • Beyond the purchase, we offer continual support through periodic reviews. 

  • Compliance is ensured, tax benefits are optimised, and strategies are adapted to changing dynamics or regulations. 

  • Adaptation of strategies to align with evolving business needs is part of our ongoing support. 

Facilitating Financial Transactions and Reporting 

  • Assistance is provided in securing financing, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring proper reporting. 

  • Expertise streamlines the process, ensuring smooth and compliant financial transactions. 

  • We facilitate proper reporting of all financial transactions related to the vehicle. 

 1.Is it better to buy a car through my business UK.

In cases where the car is used for business only, you can reclaim all of the VAT paid on its purchase price. But if the car is used for both personal and business purposes then only 50% of the VAT can be claimed. VAT can be claimed in full for a car used as a taxi or used by a driving instructor. 

2. Can you write off a car as a business expense.

You can claim capital allowances on cars you buy and use in your business. This means you can deduct part of the value from your profits before you pay tax. 

3. How can purchasing a car through a limited company benefit me.

Purchasing a car through a limited company can offer various advantages, including tax efficiency, enhanced financial security, and improved credit profiles. It allows for potential tax deductions on running expenses and provides a layer of protection by separating personal assets from company assets. 

4. How Does VAT Apply to Cars Bought by a Limited Company.

VAT rules for cars bought by a limited company differ. Generally, reclaiming VAT depends on the vehicle's use – it must be used solely for business to reclaim VAT fully. 

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