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Optimising Accountancy and Financial Planning for GP Surgeries

GP Surgery

At PKPI Chartered Accountants in slough, we understand the unique challenges that GP Surgery faces within the ever-evolving landscape of the NHS. GP Surgery across England benefiting from our specialised services, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled solutions to address your accountancy and financial planning needs. Allow us to showcase why we stand out from the competition and how our team of expert medical accountants, tax advisers, and NHS Pension specialists can elevate your practice. 

What Sets Us Apart


 Responsive Financial Management 

  •  Informed Decision-Making: We provide a responsive and proactive service, ensuring you can make well-informed financial decisions. 

  •  Timely Account Preparation: Our experts deliver accounts in compliance with national guidelines promptly. 

  •  Effective Budgets and Forecasts: We help you develop effective budgets and cash flow forecasts tailored to your practice's needs. 

 Specialised Accounting & Taxation 

Recurrent Services 

  •   Transparent Fixed Fees: Enjoy peace of mind with fixed fees tailored to your practice size and financial procedures. 

  • Comprehensive Annual Services: From the preparation of annual accounts to attending practice meetings, we cover it all. 

Non-recurrent Services 

  •  Expert Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions: Our specialists guide you through practice mergers, property acquisitions, and more. 

 Personal Expenses Management 

  •  Allowable Expenses Guidance: Navigate allowable business expenses and maximize deductions for tax purposes. 

  •  Motor Expenses Expertise: Our team assists in accurately apportioning motor expenses for business purposes. 

 NHS Pension Planning 

  •  Comprehensive Pension Forecasts: Benefit from accurate pension forecasts to plan for your retirement. 

  •  Expert Guidance: Our NHS Pension specialists, provide expert guidance and support. 

 Partnership Agreements for Legal Protection 

  • Regular Review of Agreements: Ensure your partnership agreement is regularly reviewed for legal protection. 

  • Expert Legal Collaboration: Work with our select panel of solicitors specialising in healthcare for the best legal advice. 

 Superannuation Services 

  • Correct Certificate Completion: We ensure accurate completion of pensionable profit certificates for maximum retirement income. 

  • Liaison with PCSE: Our team handles all aspects of superannuation payment and preparation of earnings forecasts. 

 National Insurance Contributions Optimisation 

  • Evaluation and Reclaim: We evaluate contributions, reclaim overpayments, and optimise national insurance contributions. 

 GP Surgery Mergers Expertise 

  • Strategic Guidance: Navigate the complexities of GP Surgery Mergers with our experienced team and specialised legal collaborations. 

 Tax Protection Service 

  •  Safeguard Against Tax Enquiries: Our Tax Protection Service protects you from the costs of tax enquiries and disputes with H M Revenue & Customs. 

 VAT Planning and Review 

  •  Exempt and Subject Services Guidance: We assist in periodically reviewing services for VAT implications, ensuring compliance. 


1.What services do you provide specifically tailored to GP surgeries.

Our firm specialises in offering a comprehensive suite of services exclusively designed for GP surgeries. These include accounting, taxation, financial planning, pension forecasting, expense management, partnership agreements, and mergers or acquisitions guidance. 

2.How does your firm ensure compliance with NHS and national financial guidelines for GP Surgeries.

Our team of chartered accountants ensures strict adherence to NHS and national financial guidelines, guaranteeing accurate and timely reporting, compliant tax practices, and adherence to NHS-specific financial regulations. 

3.Could you elaborate on the process involved in preparing accounts and managing financial documents for GP surgeries.

We follow a meticulous approach to prepare accounts, maintaining precise financial records compliant with national guidelines. Our services encompass timely preparation, transparent fixed fees, and comprehensive annual account reviews in practice meetings. 

4.What strategies or expertise does your firm offer regarding NHS pension planning for GP Surgery owners and staff.

We specialise in providing accurate and comprehensive NHS pension forecasts, led by our experts in NHS pension schemes. Our guidance ensures clarity regarding retirement benefits and assists in making informed decisions. 

5.How does your firm assist in optimising personal and business expenses for GP surgeries to minimise tax liabilities.

We offer expert guidance on allowable business expenses, specifically tailored for GP surgeries. Our team assists in effectively managing motor expenses, ensuring maximum deductions and tax optimization. 

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