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At PKPI Accountants, we're not just your run-of-the-mill accountants; we're your partners in ensuring your dental practice's financial health and prosperity. As specialists in dental accounting across the UK, we understand the unique challenges that dental professionals face. Our team is here to offer expert advice and tailored solutions to help you achieve financial success and peace of mind. 


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Our team boasts years of experience in serving the dental community. Whether you're a solo practitioner, part of a group practice, or managing a dental clinic, we offer accounting and tax solutions designed to optimise your financial health. From managing day-to-day finances to providing expert advice on wealth management and strategic tax planning, PKPI Accountants ensures that you can focus on delivering exceptional dental care to your patients while we handle the numbers. 

In the UK, dentists face unique challenges when it comes to managing their accounts and finances. The constantly evolving regulatory landscape and changes in NHS funding can help navigate the financial aspects of running a dental practice complex. Dentists must balance the pressures of maintaining a steady stream of patients while dealing with increasing overhead costs, including staff, equipment, and regulatory requirements. It's a delicate balancing act, and that's where our team comes in. 

Navigating Your Dental Career: Expert Guidance for Every Stage

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Principle Dentists

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Foundation Dentists

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Associate Dentists

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Dentists From Overseas

Why We Suggest Using A Specialist Dental Accountant

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Our Specialist Dental Accounting team exclusively serves dentists, providing accountancy and taxation services that are specially tailored to the dental profession. Whether you're looking to improve your practice's performance, pay less tax, or even sell your practice, our team is there to support you every step of the way. 

We believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. By working closely with you, we can maximise your practice's potential. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have. Whether you want to know if incorporating your business is the right step for you, if you're utilising all available allowances to reduce your tax liabilities, or even the current market rate per UDA for associates in your area, our dental team is on hand to provide the expert guidance you need. 

Expert Advice
   Our Specialist Services for Dentists


Expert Advice


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Buying or Selling A Dental Practice


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Accountancy Services for Dentists

Are you a dentist looking to take your practice to new heights? Ready to ensure that your finances are as healthy as your patients' smiles? Look no further because we've got the prescription for your financial success! Our accountancy services for dentists are designed to help you promote your practice while keeping your finances in top-notch shape. 

Very Knowledgeable and helpful team. Extremely patient as I was not sure on a couple matters but they took the time to explain everything. Would highly recommend to everyone.

PRE Hampton, GB

1.Can PKPI Accountants Help with Practice Valuation.

Practice valuation is crucial for various reasons, such as selling, buying, or obtaining financing. PKPI Accountants can assist you in accurately valuing your dental practice.

2.Do PKPI Accountants Offer Consulting Services.

Yes, PKPI Accountants go beyond numbers and offer strategic consulting services to help you make informed financial decisions for your dental practice.

3.How can accountancy services help overseas dentists navigate UK tax laws and compliance

Expert accountants provide guidance on tax deductions, compliance with HMRC regulations, VAT, and income reporting specific to dental practices  

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