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Practice & Experience

PKPI is an established firm of chartered accountants and business advisors based in Berkshire specialising in servicing SMEs across various industries. Our experience has taught us that every business and individuals have unique circumstances and requires a tailored approach when it comes to accounting. That's why we believe our approach sets us aside from our competitors. 

We are based in Slough and serve local SMEs across Thames Valley and offer a convenient remote service to the rest of the UK using online communication tools. This is particularly popular with London-based businesses looking for an out-of-London level of service but still located reasonably nearby.

In today's fast-paced complex and competitive environment, we are committed to treating each and every client individually and want details of your circumstances so that we can proactively advise you.  


PKPI is committed to providing the best service to our clients. We believe in delivering high quality work on time to give our customers the confidence that they have chosen the right accountants for the job. 

This guiding principle runs down the spine of the company at all levels, from recruitment all the way to the directors. We believe that it is only when the whole company is wholly united towards this philosophy can we then confidently take pride in the work we do for our clients.

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