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Optimise Your Pension Plan with PKPI Chartered Accountants 

Navigating the intricacies of pensions can be daunting. At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we specialise in simplifying these complexities, ensuring your pension plan aligns with your goals and secures a tax-efficient future. 

Pensions (pension-checklist)
Planting a Plant
 Assessing Your Pension Plan 

Gathering information on your existing pension plans is crucial. Our expert team at PKPI Chartered Accountants advises consolidating details from current and previous employers' pension schemes for a holistic overview. 

 Planning Your Consultation 

Book a consultation with us at PKPI Chartered Accountants. Our commitment to clarity means a no-obligation, free-of-charge discussion, where we decode pension jargon in plain, understandable language. 

 Tax Relief and Considerations 
  • Basic Rate Relief: Acquire a 20% relief for basic-rate taxpayers. 

  • Higher Rate Relief: Benefit from a 40% relief for higher-rate taxpayers. 

  • Additional Rate Relief: Avail a 45% relief for additional-rate taxpayers. 

Tailored Client Services 

Personalised Pension Reviews:

At PKPI, we delve deep into your pension scenario, considering your objectives, current contributions, and retirement dreams. Our custom reviews ensure your pension perfectly aligns with your future.

Maximising Pension Contributions:

We're here to help you maximise your pension contributions, ensuring you leverage all available options and tax benefits. From annual allowances to employer schemes, we've got you covered.

Investment Strategy Guidance:

Understanding where your pension funds are invested matters. PKPI offers clear guidance on investment strategies, ensuring your money works effectively towards securing your future.

Retirement Planning Roadmaps:

Planning for retirement demands careful consideration. At PKPI, we create a comprehensive roadmap outlining steps to achieve your retirement goals, manage income, and ensure financial stability.

Pension Transfer Assistance:

Considering a pension transfer? PKPI guides you through the process, explaining the implications and benefits, ensuring a seamless transition.

Stay Updated with Pension Changes:

The pension landscape can change, and at PKPI, we stay updated on these changes for you. We'll keep you informed about any alterations in pension regulations that might impact your plan.

Tailored Pension Advice and Support:

Every individual's pension needs are unique. Our team at PKPI offers personalised advice and ongoing support, ensuring your pension plan remains aligned with your life goals.


1. How do I prepare for retirement in the UK? 

Find out what your state pension entitlement is expected to be and how can you maximise the benefits. Decide when to collect your state pension and any other benefits – Consider at what age you would like to retire. Consider whether you plan to carry on working.

2. What are the limits and nuances of pension contributions?

Understand tax relief, annual allowance, and complex rules for high earners, crucial for optimising contributions. 

3. What strategic pension planning considerations should I be aware of?

Maximise tax relief by aligning contributions with your income tax rate, exploring drawdown possibilities, and planning for retirement.

4.What are the tax relief rates for different taxpayers?

Basic-rate taxpayers can acquire 20% relief, higher-rate taxpayers get 40%, and additional-rate taxpayers avail 45%.  

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