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 The Journey of Business Disposal in the UK Made Easy 

Hey there! Understanding how to handle business disposals in the UK can feel like stepping into a complex maze. But fear is not! At PKPI Accountants, we're here to demystify this journey and make it a breeze for you. 

 First Steps: Getting the Lay of the Land 

  •  Checking Out Your Business Terrain 

        Before diving in, it's crucial to understand the lay of your business land. Our team does a deep dive into your enterprise, looking at everything from assets and liabilities to where you stand in the market and your potential for growth. This helps us build a smart plan. 


  • Setting Goals Together 

        We're in this together! We'll sit down and chat to figure out what you want from the disposal. Whether it's boosting the value, shaking things up, or saying goodbye, having clear goals helps us map out the path ahead. 


  •  Tailoring the Perfect Plan 

        Your business isn’t a cookie-cutter, and neither should the strategy be! We'll craft a plan that’s made just for you. This includes finding potential buyers, diving into market trends, and polishing up what makes your business shine. 


  •  Legal Made Easy 

        The legal stuff can be a maze, right? Don't worry; we've got this! We'll make sure we tick all the right boxes, follow the rules, and smooth out any potential bumps in the road. 


 Making It Happen: Putting Plans into Action 

  •  Showcasing Your Business 

        Putting your best foot forward matters! Our top-notch marketing skills and negotiation savvy ensure that potential buyers see the best of what you offer, creating more opportunities. 


  •  Sealing the Deal 

        As things move closer to the finish line, our support stays strong. We'll handle all the nitty-gritty details, making sure everyone involved walks away feeling good about the deal. 


After the Handshake: Keeping Things Stable 

  •   Transition Support 

        The end of a disposal is just the beginning of something new. We stick around to make sure things stay stable during this phase, keeping everyone on the same page. 


  •  Looking to the Future

        Our commitment doesn’t stop when the disposal does! We're here to offer advice and support for whatever comes next, using our know-how to guide your next steps. 



Services Offers by PKPI 

1.Business Valuation                                                       5. Transaction Structuring


2.Exit Planning                                                                  6. Deal Negotiation


3.Financial Due Diligence                                             7. Documentation Preparation


4.Tax Planning                                                                  8. Post-Transaction Services


 1.What is business disposal.

Business disposal refers to the process of selling or transferring ownership of a company, its assets, or a part of the business to another party. 

2. Why would someone consider business disposal.

Business disposal might be considered for various reasons, including strategic reorganization, financial restructuring, retirement, or a change in business focus.

3.What factors affect the value of a business during disposal.

Factors include the company's financial health, market conditions, assets, intellectual property, customer base, growth potential, and industry trends. 

4. Are there tax implications in business disposal.

Yes, business disposal often involves tax implications. Capital gains tax, VAT, and other taxes might apply. Seeking advice from tax professionals is essential to understand and plan for these implications.

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