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Practice Plans

In today's bustling world of dentistry, having top-notch membership plans is like adding rocket fuel to your practice's growth. These plans aren't just about appointments; they're a special way to keep patients happy, coming back for more, and ensuring your practice stays in the green. Imagine a world where patients get affordable dental care while your practice flourishes – that's the magic of these plans! 


The Perks of Dental Membership Plans 

Keeping Patients Close

These plans are like a warm hug for patients, making them feel appreciated and sticking around for more. Think discounted services and front-row appointments – it's the secret sauce to keeping patients loyal and your practice busy.

Putting Prevention First

Picture this: regular check-ups and preventive care, all because of these plans. By being proactive, these plans stop big dental problems in their tracks, keeping everyone smiling brighter while saving on those hefty treatment bills.

Building Steady Finances

Implementing these plans means a steady stream of income for your practice. With consistent membership fees, you can plan, invest in top-notch tech, and make sure your patients get the five-star treatment they deserve.

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Building Blocks of a Winning Dental Membership Plan 

Crystal-Clear Plans

A great membership plan spells out everything – what's included, how much it costs, and all those bonus goodies. Clear communication makes sure patients know what they're signing up for and why it's awesome.

Tailored for Everyone

One-size-fits-all? Nope! These plans come in multiple tiers to fit every patient's needs. Whether it's basic coverage or the deluxe package, everyone gets the care they want within their budget.

Shout It Out Loud

What good is a plan if no one knows about it? Market these plans like a pro – use social media, shout about it on your website, and plaster it all over the practice. Let the world know what they're missing!


Here's how PKPI can assist: 

Customised Plan Design

Tailoring plans specific to individual practices, considering geographic factors and competitor analysis.

Pricing Strategy Development

Determining annual fees, payment frequency, and discounts for additional services to remain competitive.

Education and Training

Marketing Assistance

Conducting sessions for staff to proficiently communicate plan details and benefits to patients.

Aiding in promoting the membership plans through website integration, lobby materials, and marketing campaigns.

Administrative Support

Offering administrative tools or services for plan management, including tracking systems, renewals, and documentation.

Consultation Services

Providing comprehensive consultation on plan implementation, strategy, and reporting.

 1.What is a dental membership plan.

A dental membership plan is an alternative to dental insurance, offering predictable recurring revenue for practices. It is specific to the offering practice and involves a set fee per member, covering services like exams, cleanings, and x-rays. 

2.Why offer a dental membership plan.

Offering a plan eliminates patient excuses for not accepting treatment due to lack of insurance. It provides easy access for patients to sign up without extensive processes, empowering them to be proactive in their dental health. Practices gain control over pricing, fee schedules, and payment timing, boosting acceptance rates for additional services. 

3.What are the benefits for patients.

Patients benefit from affordability, budget-friendly payment options, and clear understanding of plan benefits and discounts. The plan incentivizes regular dental visits, strengthening the patient-practice relationship. 

4.How can a dental membership plan benefit a practice.

It serves as a marketing tool, ensuring consistent income and cash flow. Patient loyalty is enhanced as the practice can provide affordable dental care, and the plan aids in promoting the practice 24/7 through its website. 

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