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Financial Director Services

As your business expands, it is crucial to secure appropriate financial assistance. This extends beyond mere bookkeeping and tax return completion; it involves ensuring that your growth is grounded in prudent financial choices and reliable data. We are committed to supporting you in the operational aspects and furnishing the necessary financial supervision you require.

Financial Director Service

Over the last few years, through a variety of touch economic climates, the finance director's responsibilities has diversified far beyond its traditional finance functions.

The "bean counter" of yesteryear is gone, and replaced with a leader, strategist, relationship manager, coach and communicator. 'Softer' skills are valued more, ensuring excellent communication between management and stakeholders as well as the more traditional financial aptitude.

Our Financial Director service can add value in a number of ways

  • Identify which parts of your business are the most profitable

  •  Establish cash management and internal controls to provide the working capital needed

  • Develop management information systems to understand commercial and financial drivers

  • Update IT accounting systems to keep in line with modern improvements

  • Risk assessment on new ventures and contracts

  • Identify opportunities to reduce tax bills and bank or currency charges

  • Utilise general management skills to get through periods of change

It can be a tough decision to let go of the financial side of your business, but getting an experienced advisor onboard to assist in managing the commercial side frees up time for you to do what you do best: manage the day to day running of the business. Rather than paying the full  cost of hiring personnel, outsourcing aspects that don't have to be full time saves money and ensures essential duties are undertaken at an appropriate price. 

Profitable businesses are created by effectively using financial information. PKPI chartered accountants can provide the important information needed to make key decisions and help identify improvements and growth. 

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 1.What does it mean to have a finance director team.

Having a finance director team implies having an experienced accountant leading a direct team and an indirect team, including administrative support and specialists in bookkeeping, accounting, and tax. This team collaborates closely with you to optimize all aspects of your business finances and tax obligations. 

2.Why switch to the FD service from an existing accountant.

The FD service offers strategic financial coaching, forward-looking advice, comprehensive planning, cash-flow forecasting, assertive tax planning, and proactive guidance, differentiating it from the traditional accountant model. It focuses on business financial planning, tax advice, and more, ensuring a proactive approach for improvement. 

3.Is the FD service separate from other services offered.

Yes, the FD service is an optional addition requiring the completion of accounting, tax compliance work, including monthly bookkeeping, for a practice to access this service. 

4.Can the FD service aid in tax saving.

With specialized knowledge in healthcare industry finances, the FD service offers advice on tax reduction strategies within legal bounds to maximize retained income.

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