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Selling Your Dental Practice: Our Expert Approach 

Selling a dental practice is a meticulous process, demanding strategic planning and attention to detail. At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we specialise in maximising the value of your dental practice while minimizing tax implications. Our tailored approach ensures a seamless selling experience, encompassing crucial steps for a successful sale.


1. Timeline Strategy  

  • Analyze your envisioned timeline for selling the practice. 

  • Assess financial performance trends and dependence on key earners. 

  • Determine profitability and strategies for enhancement. 

2. Profitability Enhancement  

  • Shift focus from revenue to profitability for valuation purposes. 

  • Elevate EBITDA to optimize goodwill valuation. 

3. Financial Readiness  

  • Ensure accurate, updated financial records for showcasing. 

  • Trim unnecessary costs while maximizing revenue to augment EBITDA. 

4. Expert Team Assembly  

  • Collaborate with seasoned dental accountants, lawyers, and brokers. 

  • Leverage their industry-specific expertise to elevate the selling process.


5. Disclosure & Visit Protocols  

  • Ensure owner presence during practice visits for effective communication. 

  • Maintain confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements. 

6. Evaluate & Negotiate Offers  

  • Scrutinize offers comprehensively, considering funding reliability. 

  • Assess terms, including staff involvement and financial viability. 

7. Negotiation & Due Diligence  

  • Carefully structure deals to align with seller expectations. 

  • Facilitate due diligence by providing essential records and information. 

Evaluation and Getting Ready 

Checking Out Your Practice's Worth 

Getting Ready to Shine in the Market 

Navigating Negotiations 

Sealing the Deal 

Why Choose PKPI Chartered Accountants for Selling Your Dental Practice? 

  • Financial Performance Analysis & Enhancement 

  • Expert Team Consultation & Collaboration 

  • Confidentiality Management Strategies 

  • Offer Assessment & Negotiation 

  • Due Diligence Facilitation & Documentation 

 1.How Long Does Selling Practice Take.

The length of time that it takes to sell a dental practice in the UK varies subject to several factors, such as the type of practice. 

2. What Do I Need to Sell My Practice.

  • Last 2 years' accounts and 12 months of management accounts. 

  • Document verbal agreements with staff into written contracts for buyer assurance. Consider what a buyer would seek to know about your practice. For details on necessary documents and contracts, reach out for guidance. 

3.Do I Need to Have All My Certificates Ready and Available.

During the due diligence process, you will be asked to provide and show your certificates such as the GDC registration for you and your qualified staff, professional indemnity insurance, employer’s liability cover, autoclaves, compressors and X-Rays. 

Have all those ready and it will save you time when selling a practice. 

4.How Do I Value My Dental Practice.

To determine the value of your dental practice, we assess its uniqueness and financial history. By analyzing the last three years' accounts and the latest management accounts, we establish a range based on your practice's specifics. Our on-site visit and a customized questionnaire aid in creating a valuation report. Contact us to discuss the market value if you're considering selling your dental practice. 

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