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Property Investment & Landlords

Whether you're a professional landlord or you only rent out a property as a side business, you might benefit from speaking to our team of landlord accountants that specialise in providing business and tax advice for landlords. 

Why Do I need a Landlord Accountant?

Despite recent changes in taxation, buy-to-let mortgages continues to remain popular in the UK. 

If you get rental income from privately owned property, you are considered a landlord and you'll have to pay income tax on the rents you receive. 

Keeping your financial records up to date is important so that you can work out your expenses and accurately claim tax relief. If you make a loss, you might even be able to bring losses forward across tax years.

Most of our landlord accounting clients rent out property on the side of their main career. Experienced landlord accountants can therefore provide a helping hand and take away the time consuming burden of reporting to HMRC and optimise your finances.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Landlords

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment is starting as of April 2024. For landlords earning over £10,000 from rental income, or a combination of sole trader and rental income, this will mean the following:

Digital Record Keeping

Software must be used to keep accounting records relating to the landlord income that you declare as income tax. Data from invoices that you send or receive must be stored digitally. PKPI.UK work with several approved cloud bookkeeping software so there is a suitable service for all businesses.

Updates and Reports

You will need to make quarterly updates to HMRC. Depending on the software you use, this will likely be quite simple but will need much more maintenance than what is currently required. If your rental income is £10,000 or below, then you'll continue using Self Assessment. 

As we're heading into 2024, preparing for Making Tax Digital (MTD) early is key for a seamless transition. It's likely that cloud bookkeeping software will become mandatory this year. However, starting to use it now offers several advantages: less time spent on admin, improved visibility, and a clearer overview of your finances, including incoming and outgoing payments. Getting ahead of MTD now sets you up for a smoother experience later. 

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1.What is property accounting.

Property accounting refers to the accounting of private, commercial and industrial real estate sales, rentals and properties. It helps property renters and investors get their financial reporting organised, so they can identify the profits and losses associated with their individual properties. 

2.Why do I need a property accountant.

If you’re a landlord or someone who has a portfolio of properties, hiring an accountant that knows about property accounting is beneficial. Property accountants stay up to date with any legislation changes and help landlords and property investors to get the most out of their investment, as well as keeping their financial reports in check. There are several expenses you can claim based on your situation, saving you both time and money. 

3.What is Section 24, and how does it affect property investors.

Section 24 impacts landlords' ability to offset mortgage interest against rental income. Our team crafts tailored strategies to mitigate its impact.

4.How can I transition my properties into a limited company for optimal tax efficiency.

Navigating the shift to a limited company structure requires meticulous planning and execution. Our expert advisors provide detailed steps for a seamless and tax-efficient transition.


1.How can daycare accountants help in optimising expenses.

These experts conduct detailed expense analyses, identifying areas for cost optimisation without compromising quality. They offer insights into streamlining operations, negotiating better vendor deals, and maximising budget allocation.

2.Can daycare accountants assist in securing funding for childcare expansions or improvements.

Absolutely! Our team assists in preparing financial reports and projections essential for securing loans or investments. Their expertise bolsters your credibility when seeking funding for expansions or improvements.

3.Do chartered accountants offer assistance with childcare insurance or related financial coverage.

Chartered accountants might provide guidance or support regarding childcare insurance or financial coverage for daycare and nursery businesses.

4.Are there specific financial perks or assistance options available from companies for daycare businesses.

Some companies offer perks or assistance, like childcare support, for working parents, which might indirectly benefit daycare businesses 

5.What qualifications or courses are important for nursery nurses or childcare staff, and how might this influence financial planning for daycares and nurseries

Information on relevant qualifications or courses for nursery nurses and childcare staff could influence financial planning for daycares and nurseries.

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