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As seasoned specialists in veterinary accounting, our commitment is to elevate your practice's financial health and streamline operations. At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we understand the intricate needs of veterinary practices and the critical role efficient accounting plays in their success. 

 Revolutionizing Financial Processes:   Going Digital for Efficiency 

In today's fast-paced world, transitioning to digital platforms for accounting, tax management, and financial automation isn't just a trend—it's a necessity. By embracing digital solutions, veterinarians save valuable time, reduce costs, and ensure the security and real-time accuracy of essential data and documents. 


Our tailored approach utilizes cutting-edge accounting software, designed specifically to cater to the unique demands of veterinary practices. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including: 

 Services Tailored to Veterinary Practices 

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Solutions 

Efficiently manage accounts payable and receivable, ensuring a streamlined financial workflow tailored to the veterinary industry's specific needs. 

Strategic Management Accounts and Reporting

Gain insightful, real-time reporting, enabling informed decision-making for enhanced financial strategies. 

Proactive Tax Planning

Navigate complex tax structures with ease, optimizing financial plans to maximize profits while adhering to regulatory standards. 

Proactive Tax Planning

Navigate complex tax structures with ease, optimizing financial plans to maximize profits while adhering to regulatory standards. 

EBITDA Monitoring and Overhead Analysis

Unlock the true value of your clinic by meticulously analyzing EBITDA and identifying opportunities for cost savings in overheads. 

IR35 Assessment and Payroll Structure Review

In-depth reviews of payment structures to ensure compliance with evolving tax regulations, such as IR35. 

Advanced Payroll and Pension Management

Seamlessly manage payroll and pension requirements using state-of-the-art software, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 

Fee Review and Accounts Payable Service 

In-depth analysis of service pricing, ensuring competitiveness while maximizing profits, and streamlined accounts payable services for efficiency. 

Making Tax Digital Compliance

Stay ahead by embracing government-approved, digital software for accurate and compliant financial record-keeping. 


1.Are there specific accounting considerations for veterinarians regarding VAT and turnover thresholds.

Veterinarians don't need to charge VAT until they surpass the VAT threshold for goods or services they supply.

2.Why might a veterinarian require an accountant's services.

Accountants assist in managing and understanding complex financial aspects, ensuring compliance with regulations, and optimizing tax strategies for veterinary practices. 

3.Can a veterinarian legally operate without an accountant.

While it's not mandatory, accountants provide valuable financial expertise that benefits veterinarians in managing their practices effectively. 

4.What financial information should a veterinarian share with their accountant.

Accountants require comprehensive financial data, including income, expenses, tax records, and any specific details about the veterinary practice.

5.Do veterinarians transitioning careers to accountancy need specific qualifications.

Transitioning veterinarians can pursue accounting qualifications such as those offered by Accounting Technicians Ireland for a career change.

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