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Foundation Dentists 

Congratulations on reaching a pivotal milestone in your dental career! Transitioning from a Foundation Dentist to a newly qualified Associate is an exciting leap, albeit one accompanied by financial intricacies. At this crucial juncture, having a trusted ally to navigate the complexities of income, tax, and pensions is paramount. That’s where we step in – to provide unwavering support and expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition into self-employment. 

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Preparing for the Journey Ahead 

As a Foundation Dentist enrolled in the Dental Foundation Training (DFT) scheme, the road to self-employment may seem daunting. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and insights vital for a successful transition. We conduct informative sessions across DFT groups nationwide, offering specialised advice on financial management, tax obligations, and the nuances of self-employment. Curious about our upcoming lectures? Feel free to reach out; our team of seasoned dental accountants is eager to assist. 

Attention to Detail for Foundation Dentists 

As part of our tailored service, we meticulously review your pay slips to rectify any discrepancies and ensure accurate payments and tax deductions. Moreover, if you haven’t claimed tax relief on employment expenses, we handle the submission of P87 forms on your behalf, securing rightful tax refunds from HMRC. 


Seamless Transition, Expert Support 

Entering the realm of a Newly Qualified Associate marks an exhilarating phase, coupled with financial complexities. Our team of adept dental accountants stands ready to guide you through this transition with precision and care. 


1.What specific services do accountants offer to foundation dentists in the UK

Accountants provide tailored financial guidance, tax planning, income management, and support with NHS-related financial intricacies. 

2.How can accountancy services assist foundation dentists in managing complex income structures

Accountants help navigate complex income structures by optimising tax strategies, managing NHS reimbursements, and handling diverse income streams.

3.What are the key financial challenges faced by foundation dentists that accountancy services address

Challenges include understanding NHS contracts, managing varying income sources, tax compliance, and planning for future practice ownership.

4.How can foundation dentists evaluate the effectiveness of accountancy services tailored for them

Assess the track record, testimonials, industry expertise, and the ability to address complex financial matters for foundation dentists

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