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Principal Dentists 

Running a dental practice is a multifaceted endeavor that blends the art of dentistry with the science of finance. Amidst the daily grind of providing excellent dental care, navigating the financial complexities demands a specialized touch. That's where the expertise of dedicated dental accountants steps in, and at our firm, we take pride in being the frontrunners in this field. 

Understanding the Financial Landscape 

Annual & Management Accounts

The backbone of any thriving practice lies in meticulous financial management. We, at PKPI Accountants, comprehend the intricacies of dental accountancy. Our approach goes beyond just preparing annual accounts; we conduct meaningful discussions to unveil insights, empowering you to plan effectively for the future.

Tax Planning and Advice

Minimizing tax liabilities without compromising compliance is an art. Our tailored service ensures meticulous completion of tax returns and compliance work throughout the year. Our proactive approach involves regular consultations to identify tax planning opportunities, allowing you to optimize your finances while staying within legal bounds. 

Practice Purchases, Sales, and Finances

Navigating the intricate landscape of practice planning demands a holistic approach. Whether it's creating a practice plan, valuing your practice, negotiating acquisitions, or facilitating sales, our seasoned team of dental accountants and business advisors stands by you at every step. 

Expert Pension Advice

Navigating NHS pensions can be intricate. Our team excels in handling NHS Pensions Annual Reconciliation Reports, offering year-round advice on performer NPEs. For high-earning NHS dentists, we calculate pensions Annual Allowance Charges, offering strategies to mitigate their impact. 

1.Why should overseas dentists in the UK consider specialised accountancy     services.

Overseas dentists need tailored financial guidance due to differing tax laws, regulations, and unique practice needs in the UK  

2.What are the key benefits of using accountancy services specifically designed for overseas dentists in the UK

These services offer expertise in handling international transactions, tax compliance, visa-related financial matters, and specialized accounting tailored to dental practices

3.How can accountancy services help overseas dentists navigate UK tax laws and compliance

Expert accountants provide guidance on tax deductions, compliance with HMRC regulations, VAT, and income reporting specific to dental practices  

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