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How to Set Up Your Government Gateway Account with HMRC

Updated: Apr 5

Creating a Government Gateway account with HMRC is an important part in managing your online services. This comprehensive guide simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless setup within minutes.

Requirements for Setup:

To commence the setup, gather the following essentials:

  • Your National Insurance number

  • Your Passport or Driving Licence

  • A recent P60

Step-by-Step Setup Guide:

Step 1: Access the HMRC Website

Visit the dedicated page: Click on the "Start now" button to initiate the process.

Access the HMRC webpage

Step 2: Create an account

  • Options for "Create an account," mark the beginning of your account creation journey.

step two

Step 3: Create Sign in details

  • Click on sign in details underneath the text boxes

HMRC Gateway account

Step 4: Submission of Email Address

  • Enter your email address, ensuring readiness to access it promptly for the code reception.

Step six

Step 5: Confirmation of Email

  • Access your email and retrieve the code sent by HMRC for further validation.

Step seven

Step 6: Provision of Personal Information

  • Provide your name and set up a secure password for your account.

Step eight

  • And a Password...

Step eight one

Step 7: Establishment of Recovery Phrase

  • Input a recovery word for potential password retrieval, recommending an easily memorable term.

Step nine
  • You have now received your user ID

Step ten

Step 8: Access Code

  • Choose text message as the preferred mode for receiving the access code.

Step eleven

Step 9: Identity Verification

  • Supply required details like name and national Insurance Number (NiNo), and select the method for identity verification.

Step One two

Step 10: Preference for Paperless Communication

  • Decide on going paperless or retaining paper communication as per your preference.

Congratulations! By completing these steps, you've successfully registered and set up your Government Gateway Account with HMRC. Enjoy the convenience of managing your tax affairs efficiently through this personalised account.


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