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Dental Implant Success: Profitable Strategies

Updated: Apr 5

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At PKPI Chartered Accountants, we understand that expanding your service offerings goes beyond simply acquiring new skills. While mastering the clinical aspects is crucial, there are several other factors to consider in order to turn dental implant dentistry into a profitable element of your provision. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with the necessary insights and strategies to make the most of your newfound skills and create a successful implant dentistry practice.

Optimising Workflow for Implant Dentistry Success

Before delving into implant treatments, it is essential to establish a solid foundation. The first step is selecting the right implant system for your practice. Reach out to implant suppliers to ensure they can efficiently cater to your needs. In some cases, introductory offers may be available for first orders, while local representatives can provide valuable advice on the most suitable solutions for your inventory.

Investing in digital solutions, such as an intraoral scanner and implant planning software, can significantly enhance your implant dentistry workflow. Since having an in-house CBCT scanner may not be viable for dentists new to implants, collaborating with another practice for referred scans becomes crucial.

Creating a Unified Team for Seamless Patient Care

In implant dentistry, delivering successful outcomes heavily relies on the collaborative efforts of your entire team. Training your dental nurse(s), treatment coordinator, practice manager, dental hygienist/therapist, and other team members is just as crucial as your own training. They need to communicate effectively about available implant treatments, explain the associated benefits to patients, and address the key risks involved.

For team members involved in assisting patients throughout the implant journey, including placement and long-term maintenance, it is imperative to equip them with the necessary clinical and communicative skills. Furthermore, keeping fellow dentists in your practice informed about the implant services you provide is vital for establishing an internal referral pathway, as well as marketing implants to existing patients.

Effective External Marketing Strategies

To attract new patients and raise awareness about your dental implant services, effective external marketing is essential. While some avenues can be costly, starting small and focusing on channels with a high return on investment is a prudent approach. Leveraging social media platforms, which provide largely free advertising opportunities, can be highly beneficial in reaching local and extended patient networks.

In addition to digital marketing, exploring direct marketing avenues can yield positive results. Traditional approaches such as working with local companies (e.g., leisure centers, gyms, spas, golf clubs) or hosting events can effectively advertise your dental implant services within the community.

Requesting feedback and online reviews from satisfied patients is a valuable strategy to build a reputation for providing excellent treatment and an exceptional patient experience. Studies show that 93% of consumers are influenced by online reviews when making buying decisions, making this form of marketing indispensable for any dental business in today's digital landscape.

Developing a Lucrative Business Plan

A carefully crafted business plan serves as a blueprint for success and ensures you stay organised while expanding your implant services. It can be as simple or detailed as you prefer, but the key is outlining your goals, growth strategies, and the milestones you wish to achieve.

Your business plan can include targets for the number of implants you plan to provide in specific timeframes, along with strategies for attracting new patients and the time and financial investments required. This plan provides direction as your implant practice gains momentum and creates a benchmark against which you can measure your success.

Striving for Clinical Excellence

Delivering top-notch clinical treatment is the cornerstone of a successful implant dentistry practice. To motivate patients to choose you for their dental implant procedures, it is essential to consistently provide clinical excellence and ensure a seamless patient journey. This begins with high-quality training that equips you with the theoretical understanding and practical experience to perform procedures safely and effectively.


As you consider adding dental implants to your repertoire, taking into account all the factors that contribute to your success is crucial. By meticulously planning your workflow, training your team, implementing effective marketing strategies, and striving for clinical excellence, you will position yourself for outstanding achievements in implant dentistry.

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