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What exactly do clients need from an accountant?

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Accountants are capable of giving their clients much more than just the fundamentals, from defining financial goals to long-term tax planning. How can accountants prove their worth to clients in this situation?

Accounting is a rather straightforward process: clients send shoeboxes full of receipts and invoices, or if they use bookkeeping software, they give access to it, accountants complete the required paperwork when it's due, and the two sides meet again the following year.

What do clients want from you?

At PKPI, we routinely assess the financial situation of our clients to determine whether there are any opportunities to grow their business or find cost-saving opportunities in areas like tax and overhead.

We are aware that our client’s primary concern is having their tax returns submitted accurately and on time. What more might they need? Knowing what clients want when they hire us as accountants, and constantly attempting to put ourselves in their position and become familiar with their needs and businesses.

Beyond the fundamentals, take into account the following:

1. Peace of mind

We are mostly dealing with clients who are always juggling a lot of busy tasks. They will probably experience more stress over the financial side of their business than anything else unless they are knowledgeable about accounting practices. We Ensure that our communication with our clients is always clear; if they know what to do, what to provide, and when, the entire process will be much smoother. We will then be in a great position to give you the reassurance that you need.

If clients get peace of mind that you are handling their business finances well, accountants are giving them the freedom, confidence, and time they need to manage their business. It's not necessary for them to know every detail of how we do it; they just need to feel confident that we are.

2. Offer more value-added services

Why not concentrate on the upcoming year as well? Business owners are constantly thinking about (and fretting about) the future. Nobody is better qualified to give clients advice on long-term business planning than an accountant.

We Help and encourage our customers as they make important choices, whether it's filing a tax return, hiring a new employee, or deciding to reinvest in their business.

3. Easily accessible assistance

Instead of leaving everything up to their accountant and forgetting about it, business owners are increasingly seeking greater control over every element of their operations. This includes tasks that they delegate to professionals.

Digital accounting software can be a tremendous benefit in this situation. Clients can collaborate online and from any device by storing their accounts in a cloud-based platform. This is essential for giving them a current understanding of their financial condition, enabling us to give the most pertinent and current advice.

4. Keeping up-to-date

Clients will need their accountants to serve as a translator more than ever when it comes to substantial changes in the business and financial worlds.

Compared to customers 20 years ago, they will be more aware of impending changes as a result of the internet. We can help to provide a dependable source of information for them as their accountant, someone who can explain complex concepts and translate policy speak into a language they can comprehend.

5. Making Tax Digital preparations

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is here, and it's our responsibility to assist our clients with the shift whether they like it or hate it, dread it or worship it.

Recognize that our clients will be familiar with at least some of the MTD rumors, all they require is a clear description of what MTD will actually imply for their company. We provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to handle the impending changes with assurance while assisting them in understanding MTD.

Final thoughts

It's beneficial for all parties if you look a little further to learn what your clients desire. You get the chance to showcase the value you bring as a knowledgeable and skilled service provider while they receive guidance and support on the issues that truly matter to them and their organization.



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