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The Best UK Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Accounting companies of all sizes are increasingly outsourcing their transaction processing services such as bookkeeping, preparation of accounts, monthly management reports, VAT returns, and taxes.

The reason for this is simple: whatever the size of your firm, you can benefit from the cost-cutting exercise and focus on providing a premium service.

Accounting outsourcing from in India plays an essential role in ensuring compliance and supporting the financial framework of companies all over the world.

We have carefully chosen companies that are known for providing an excellent accounting service. Keep reading to find the best accounting firms in India.

Initor Global UK - UK Accounting Outsourcing Firm

Initor Global UK is a modern accounting firm that looks to integrate modernized accounting solutions. They offer accounting and bookkeeping providing remote staffing solutions to all sorts of businesses from SMEs to large, limited companies.

By taking your time-consuming financial tasks into account, Initor Global UK strives to proficiently and precisely handle your various accounting needs, exemplifying professionalism and optimized flexibility.

Genpact - Accounting Outsourcing Company

Genpact is one of the top accounting firms in India providing an array of solutions such as core business services, procurement and supply chain, risk and compliance and accounting services. Genpact responds to current problems with actionable next-generation innovative solutions.

They support leading companies and have brought significant success to Fortune 500 companies. Embracing leading technologies and solutions, Genpact has been pioneering accounting outsourcing solutions for more than a decade. They connect clients and industries worldwide.

KPMG - Accounting and Tax Advisory Firm

KPMG offers audit, tax, advisory, and on-demand services to improve business performance.

KPMG offers professional assistance to bring sustainable changes to your business and carry out a thorough analysis of risk, and tax management processes. The company is often regarded as a marketing leader when leveraging leading software and KPMG harnesses modern technologies to aid in the tax preparation process and produce error-free solutions to your business. With industry experience and insights from partnering with many companies across a range of industries, this outsourcing firm can certainly enhance the quality of your internal operations.

Flexibility and resilience are critical to their actions. Quality of service provided is at the core of their strategy and they have a focus on value creation for their clients.

OHI - UK Accounting Firm

OHI can reduce the cost of accounting and finance management by up to 60%. The company offers flexible staffing solutions, delivering accounting services to developers, company owners, property management, asset management, and investors.

A 15yr old real estate services company with 50+ commercial and residential companies across USA, Canada and the UK, OHI is a fully integrated real estate firm with 100+ team members and has assisted small to mid-sized companies with expert solutions. The company’s primary goal is to grow client business without increasing its headcount and bring measurable outcomes.

They also assist you with consultations, reports, and projections to improve your financial structure.

PKPI.UK - UK Accounting Firm

PKPI makes use of its past experience working with various Indian outsourcing firms to offer the finest industry-specific accounting, payroll, and taxation services. PKPI aims to provide complete customer satisfaction through on-time, high-quality accounting services and build lasting long-term relationships with their customers.

With high standards comes the need to keep on top of the latest technological upgrades in the finance world. PKPI.UK outsourcing for accountings service is dedicated to integrating the latest developments and changes into their systems to make sure they can keep satisfying customers.


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